Mission & Vision:
To create a safe space where Muslim youth build strong identities through Islamic knowledge, community service, and fun filled social activities.

Youth Director

We are excited to welcome our new Youth Director, Jenin Sabbah. Jenin has worked with our community for the past couple of years as part of our Youth Committee and has served as the MYNA Girls Head Counselor.

We are inspired by Jenin’s dedication to the youth, passion for growth and faith development, and creativity to implement new initiatives and programs. Jenin hopes to cultivate a culture within our youth that would allow us to take practical steps of our deen to increase our iman and refocus our intentions together as a community.

Feel free to reach out to Sr. Jenin at:  mcmyouthdirector@gmail.com with any questions or concerns as she is ready to continue supporting and serving our youth inshaAllah.

Youth Activities / Programs

Our youth program includes our Saturday program from 4-8 pm ranging from kindergarten all the way to high school. For more information see the flyers below, or contact us at mcmyouthdirector@gmail.com or (248) 488-5600.

Saturday Youth Program

Registration is CLOSED for Fall Session

Youth Activities